Diet Riot

Two dietitians revolting against diet culture and promoting positive relationships with food through intuitive eating. Brooke and Alyssa talk through nutrition topics each week. They talk candidly about their experiences, philosophies, and give some tangible advice to help you navigate the world of nutrition, health and wellness.

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Lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup | All about our diet history


Oh hey, you're back! Thanks for listening, or at least contemplating listening I guess. Afterall, you are reading this comment which means you're either listening now, you've already listened, or you're deciding wheather or not to listen.


In today's podcast Brooke & Alyssa discuss their unique experiences with dieting. They dive into some of the pros/cons (mostly cons) of diets and how they affected them personally.


Mostly just a recorded conversation between friends who happen to be dietitians. Hope you enjoy - if so subscribe, leave a comment or review and follow us on instagram @diet.riot.podcast

See ya next week.

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