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Two dietitians revolting against diet culture and promoting positive relationships with food through intuitive eating. Brooke and Alyssa talk through nutrition topics each week. They talk candidly about their experiences, philosophies, and give some tangible advice to help you navigate the world of nutrition, health and wellness.

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I can put down A LOT of green beans | BONUS EPISODE all about the holidays


Heyyyyy! So glad you're back! Are you as pumped as us that we have a BONUS episode for you?! We are pumped. In this episode Brooke and Alyssa give advice on how to navigate the holiday season while keeping your progress in intuitive eating in tact. 


We discuss holiday traditions, food favorites from our childhood. We talk about how to avoid or combat stress and what to do if you (dun dun dun) overeat. Oh sorry did I say *IF* I meant when. It's all fun and games until someone throws up pumpkin pie right?


Anyways, hope you enjoy today's BONUS episode. Give us a share, comment, rate, review, like, heart, jazz hands emoji, gold bricks or whatever you want to tell us to "keep up the great work". Email us at or follow/comment on our instagram @diet.riot.podcast to let us know what you would like to hear next. 

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