Diet Riot

Two dietitians revolting against diet culture and promoting positive relationships with food through intuitive eating. Brooke and Alyssa talk through nutrition topics each week. They talk candidly about their experiences, philosophies, and give some tangible advice to help you navigate the world of nutrition, health and wellness.

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A risky game that ends in diarrhea | All about food safety


Hi there diet rioters! Thanks for coming back, especially with a title like this one ;) In this episdoe Brooke and Alyssa discuss food safety. They laugh at inappropriate times, talk a lot about bodily functions and give real life advice on how to stay safe while enjoying your favorite foods.


Please whatever you do - do not turn this podcast off until you heard the guinea pig story. You will not regret it. Ok that's all - hope you enjoy and we will see you next Tuesday for a brand new episode!



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