Diet Riot

Two dietitians revolting against diet culture and promoting positive relationships with food through intuitive eating. Brooke and Alyssa talk through nutrition topics each week. They talk candidly about their experiences, philosophies, and give some tangible advice to help you navigate the world of nutrition, health and wellness.

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Ep. 8: You can't sit with us | All about snacking


Brooke and Alyssa Miller disucss snacking

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Ep. 7: If there's cheese and butter on there I'm gonna like it | All about meal planning


Brooke and Alyssa discuss meal planning tips and tricks

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Get your ghee on | All about macros Nutrition 101


dyBrooke and Alyssa discuss the three macronutrients and their roles in our bodies

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I can put down A LOT of green beans | BONUS EPISODE all about the holidays


Brooke and Alyssa discuss how to navigate the holidays while keeping yourself focused on intuitive eating.

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Your personality makes up for four inches in height | All about Exercise


Brooke & Alyssa Miller, both dietitians, have a candid conversation about exercise and how it fits into an intuitive lifestyle

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Why didn't you eat a donut? | All about intuitive eating


Brooke and Alyssa Talk about intuitive eating and diet culture

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Lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup | All about our diet history


Brooke & Alyssa talk about thier history and experience with different diets

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Oofta, our very first episode | All about us


Brooke and Alyssa introduce themselves.

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Teaser Episode


intoduction to the Diet Riot podcast.

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